Traditional or Roth IRA? How to Decide the Easy Way

Do you know which individual retirement account (IRA) is right for you?

While a traditional and Roth IRA both share similarities such as maximum contribution limits and tax-free growth on your earnings, knowing the differences between them will make choosing the best one much easier.

Every teacher needs to plan for their retirement at every career […]

Why Smart Parents Save for Retirement Before College

How do you decide between saving for your children’s college tuition and funding your retirement?

Even though the costs of higher education continue to skyrocket, every parent still wants to send their child to their dream school. That’s why a staggering 67% of parents are choosing to save money for their children’s education before saving […]

How to Save and Contribute More to Your Retirement

Is worrying about how you’re going to save for retirement a constant stress in your life?

Sure, you may already be contributing to your teacher’s pension, but most teachers only retire with close to 60% of their working salary—which means you need a plan to make up that missing 40% of your income.

To bridge the […]

How to Get Comfortable with Your 403(b) Account Investments

Does the financial side of your 403(b) account stress you out?

Does the mere mention of risk, annuities, bonds, and inflation rates make you zone out and start thinking about the weekend like one of your students in class?

If you’ve ever felt this confused or out-of-the-loop, you’re not alone. Most teachers don’t totally understand the […]

Bridging the Teacher Retirement Gap with Smart Financial Planning

If you think the teacher retirement gap is a store where retired educators buy cardigans, we need to talk.

See, the gap between a teacher’s former monthly salary and the income they receive from pension is referred to as (you guessed it) the teacher retirement gap, and it’s a lot bigger than most teachers […]

A Glossary of Common Financial Terms Related to Your Teacher’s Pension and 403b

If it seems like all your pension, 403(b), and retirement paperwork seems to be written in another language, you’re not alone.

Filled with confusing financial terms and clauses that don’t make sense to those without an accounting degree, how are you ever supposed to start saving for retirement when you can’t even understand what you’re […]

Is a 403(b) or 457(b) Plan Better than a 401(k)?

What’s the difference between a 403(b), 457(b), and 401(k) account besides a bunch of numbers and letters?

Today we’re going to compare all three retirement savings plans so you know the best and worst traits of each of them.

You’ll have a better idea of how these supplemental plans will add to your retirement income and […]

How Does CalPERS AB 340 Pension Reform Affect You?

Did you know that “California has nearly $64 billion in pension debt”?

While that figure may make some of you nervous to hear, it made the California Governor, Edmund G. Brown Jr., even more uneasy.

So Brown created a plan to reform the public employee pension system in California and submitted it to the Conference Committee […]

8 Reasons Why Even Healthy Millennials Need Life Insurance

Millennials exercise more, smoke less, and use apps to find healthy recipes better than any other generation. So why would you even consider paying for life insurance?

After all, you’re not looking to kick the bucket or buy the old proverbial farm anytime soon.

But here’s the biggest misconception young teachers have about life insurance: […]

How Does a 403(b) or 457(b) Account Compare to an IRA?

If you’re sick of asking the folks in the math department to help you figure out the difference between your retirement plans, today’s your lucky day.

While you may already have an IRA, or individual retirement account, if you qualify for a 403(b) or 457(b) account (or both!), you should be contributing to them as […]